Revealing Uruguay's Copa America 2024 Squad: A Tactical Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses

Analyzing Uruguay's squad for Copa America 2024, delving into their tactical strengths and weaknesses to provide insights on their potential performance. Get an in-depth analysis here.

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Revealing Uruguay's Copa America 2024 Squad: A Tactical Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses

When Uruguay lands in the USA, it will compete in its 46th Copa America. The South American squad will face Argentina and Brazil in the competition for its 16th championship.

As the Copa America of 2024 draws near, Uruguay, a nation steeped in football history and renowned for producing players of the highest calibre, will depend on its seasoned veterans and up-and-coming players to take the field and retake its crown.

When it comes to skill, Uruguay has it all, from seasoned players in Europe's best leagues to bright young things forging their name at home. We walk you through the roster of players who may wear Uruguay's recognizable sky blue shirt in South America's most important football tournament.



Martín Campaña

Rodrigo Muñoz

Martín Silva


Ronald Araújo

Martín Cáceres

Sebastián Coates

José Giménez

Diego Godín (c)

Agustín Oliveros

Damián Suárez

Matías Viña


Mauro Arambarri

Rodrigo Bentancur

Giorgian de Arrascaeta

Nicolás de la Cruz

Nahitan Nández

Lucas Torreira

Federico Valverde


Edinson Cavani

Maximiliano Gómez

Darwin Núñez

Jonathan Rodríguez

Luis Suárez

Uruguay’s Tactical Analysis

Though Uruguay's starting eleven isn't entirely decided, you can make some fair predictions about who will start based on their consistency in strategy and squad selection. Having played 44% of their games in the previous calendar year, I anticipate them to utilize their well-used 4-4-2 for most of the competition, with the 4-1-4-1 being used often when one of those essential attackers is out. There will undoubtedly be another appearance of the well-tested combo of José Giménez and Diego Godín, among the greatest in international football. Martin Cáceres, the eighth most capped footballer in Uruguayan history and a Fiorentina player in Serie A, will probably play right full-back. While there has been more rotation in this position, Matias Viña will probably start at left-back. Still, Viña, the entire back for the Palmeiras, has started most of the recent games.

As Tabárez is spoiled with options in centre midfield, essential choices will be made. Given their outstanding performance for their teams this season, Federico Valverde and Rodrigo Bentancur are my starting two in a 4-4-2. As I said, however, Uruguay is fortunate to have excellent choices, including Matias Vecino, who has been injured for a significant portion of the season. Lucas Torreira has been fantastic in a Uruguay jersey in major competitions; his performance in the 2018 World Cup influenced his transfer to Arsenal. But he has also had trouble getting minutes recently. Hence, I have placed Real Madrid midfielder Valverde slightly ahead of him. Since Uruguay has occasionally employed a 4-1-4-1 formation and a diamond shape, more of these central midfielders could be included in the squad. Naturally, however, a striker is forced out of the team by the 4-1-4-1, or Cavani is forced to play winger sometimes.

Their wingers are most divided between Giorgian De Arrascaeta and Nicolás De La Cruz. Although De Arrascaeta is a standout player for Flamengo in Brazil, River Plate midfielder De La Cruz was chosen in more recent competitive games. Hence, it is hard to predict who will start between the two. Playing for Cagliari, Nahitan Nández is a fiery midfielder who will probably start on the right side. His play style and mentality fit Uruguay's renowned style of play well. And last, as you would anticipate, Cavani and Suárez will start assuming no injuries.

An age graph and the amount of minutes played in the previous calendar year are shown here. Once again, the relative age of their team is evident, and statistically, many of their players need to be considered to be at the peak of their careers. Just Nández, De Arrascaeta, Giménez, and Laxalt—of those in their prime—have been consistent starters for the National team. Though they are ageing, Godín and Suárez have played a lot of minutes in the last year and can still perform at the best level. Cavani is shown lower on the graph as Manchester United has handled his minutes effectively. With injuries and not being chosen, Lucas Torreira is likewise at the bottom of the graph; compare this to Rodrigo Bentancur, who played about 3500 more minutes.

However, some youths are coming through, and Darwin Núñez is one of them. Though both Bentancur and Valverde are still in their early twenties, Uruguay's biggest challenge over the next ten years will probably be finding a replacement for the goals that their devastating strike combination produced.

Predictions For The Tournament

Uruguay will be an underdog to win the championship; teams like Argentina and Brazil are more excited about the competition. Uruguay has an excellent team with a lot of experience that is usually helpful in big competitions. They also know how to play consistently. They are one of my favourite international teams; their little defensive strategies, attitude, determination, and ferocity as a team generally make them one of the minor preferred international sides to play. With the striking combination of ageing, Uruguay will depend primarily on speed and assistance provided by the wingers if they are to succeed. Their limitations are clearly in possession, and their lack of ball progressors means they rely significantly on their defensive effort. Being the last Copa America for the current golden generation of Uruguay's National Team, they are tactically strong, skilled game managers and will be as determined as ever. Uruguay should aim for a place in the semi-finals or higher. They can defeat anyone in a one-off game, so it will be fascinating to see how teams handle them if they make it to the final rounds.

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